Seed of Judgment - Nuclear warfare shall lay us to rest. Censor Panda provided by Amber Panyko
Seed of Judgment - Nuclear warfare shall lay us to rest.
From time to time, I'll do some art that isn't a comic for the main page. Here's where I used to post them. Fan art too!

Important! I now have a DeviantArt Gallery where all my future works will be posted. I'm sure the Keenspace admins don't appreciate me continually uploading new, large files that aren't comics. Please have a look see!

Another pic done in Painter, this time in color. It's my same blue Wolf character.
A quick practice sketch I did in Painter Classic of some futuristic Ninja type guy. I decided it wasn't too shabby.
A guest comic I did for Mat Sherer of Badly Drawn Kitties. At the time, the author (Mat) was overtired and stressed and unsure if he was going to continue his comic. I let him know how I felt about that. ;)
Here's a little fan art I did for Tracy Pierce of Catena. Check her comic out if you've never heard of it. Great art.
A piece I did for a friend as a Christmas gift, as I was attending college and had no money. Kind of a gothic feel to it.
This is the original cover page for the comic. I like the pose slightly better, but everything else sucks compared to the newer one that I actually used.
A picture I did for my old comic, which is no longer up. I still like the pic, although it was done before I bothered to really learn any anatomy. It was for Valentine's Day.
A quick drawing/coloring I did of myself as a Demon. It was done in response to a thread on the Keenspace forums, aptly entitled, "Post yourself as a Demon".
Another fan art I did, this time for the comic White Hydra. It's of the antagonist, Lord Evil Boner.
Yet another fan art, this time for The Teacher's Lounge.
Some more fan art, for Exterminatus Now. The pic is of the character Rogue.
Fan art for SilverBlue of her character, Silver. She appears in David Hopkins' comic Jack.
I piece I did a while back of an angel/Huntress character. Inspired by the song "The Hunter" by Iced Earth.
Another fan art for Exterminatus Now. This time of the rat character, Virus. I'm not actually too happy with this one. It was one of my first drawings I inked digitally in Illustrator. I wasn't too used to it at that point, so it came out a bit sloppy. It's still cool, I guess.
A really old pic of my big wolf warrior character. I still like it, despite its anatomical stiffness. One of the first drawings I colored digitally.
An updated drawing of my wolf character, but using more of a comic style. This one was done digitally as well, but after I'd had more experience in Illustrator. I think it turned out pretty good.

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