Seed of Judgment - Nuclear warfare shall lay us to rest. Censor Panda provided by Amber Panyko
Seed of Judgment - Nuclear warfare shall lay us to rest.
Rachel Archer: a young red-haired girl of sixteen. One of two offspring of Debbie Archer, she currently lives alone with her mother. Despite her age, she is still childlike and innocent, however she desperately wishes to see her brother again.
Debbie Archer: a single mother of two, working to support her daughter, Rachel. Her other child, an older male named James, joined the military to help make ends meet. Debbie is in her early 40's, as she married young.
James Archer: The other child of Debbie Archer, James is a strong young man of twenty-four. He joined the military at the age of ninteen to help his family make ends meet; currently he is overseas in a classified location fighting with a special division of the marine corps. His most noticeable feature is his nearly-missing right ear.

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